Technical Products

The primary usage of 3D models is support in e-commerce. In addition to the classic interactive 3D view, objects can still be tagged and labelled in virtual space and are thus an ideal support in the area of maintenance and service. Integrated in AR, VR and Mixed Reality applications, 3D data is also used for training purposes.

Fashion, People & Sports

3D scans of products and human models showcasing clothing, footwear and accessories are perfect for fashion e-commerce. By integrating QR codes into your print media, it is even possible to connect features from off and online media via augmented reality for your customers.

In addition, people such as athletes, artists, testimonials, politicians and public figures can be virtually experienced as 3D avatars through 3D scans and archived for the future.

Toys, Furniture & Leisure

Toys can be experienced in 3D in a playful way. Support your customers in deciding to buy exactly your product by enabling them to rotate, turn and zoom your objects. E-commerce, state-of-the-art in the 3rd dimension.

Enhance the aftersales experience by integrating 3D objects into apps, animations, gaming environments and videos.

Cultural Heritage & Arts

Through digital reproductions, centuries-old artefacts are digitally preserved and available to scholars and the public worldwide for research, teaching and entertainment - with no time or place restrictions.

Food, Accessoires & Props

3D scans of food, accessories and decoration are ideal as digital props for CGI productions and for gaming assets. Interior and subject designs can be produced even more vividly and lifelike with digital props. Any idea in the design of perspective and lighting situation can be fulfilled by using our photo-realistic 3D models. Whether furniture stores, accessory suppliers, architects and interior designers, whether the design of digital interior shots or the development of new virtual rooms and showrooms - the field of application of props as 3D assets is almost unlimited