How it works

Digital Twins

Our 3D scanning technology provides you with three-dimensional reproductions of your objects. It captures the entire shape of an object as well as the high-resolution detailed colour and surface information.
The 3D model contains optimised textures and geometries for Physically-Based-Rendering (PBR) workflows, among others. This means that the data also takes into account physical attributes such as reflection, scattering and metallic haptics in addition to natural light response.
We call these virtual copies: "digital twins".


Let our experts advise you on the way to the best solution for your needs. Our 3D consulting includes: Needs analysis, development of an optimised solution approach, calculation of production budgets and project monitoring throughout the production process.

Benefit from our flexible, fast and lean end-to-end workflow. Ideally, the time between receipt of goods at our scan centre in Nuremberg and delivery of the final embed link for your website is no more than 3 working days.

Our experienced team of project management, goods logistics, goods preparation, scan operation, CGI post-production, asset creation and administration will take care to guarantee you a transparent overview of the project status, the fastest possible return of your valuable objects and a smooth project flow at all times.

3D Consulting

Needs Analysis & solution development
Quotation preparation and budget control
during the project


Product preparation
3D scanning / 3D digitisation
CGI PostProduction

Data delivery / hosting

Data rendering for the desired application
Data hosting via OSAR player
Data integration on customer platforms

Photogrammetry- vs. PBR-Scanning

.... or: what makes the quality of ODG Scan productions so unique?

The digital twins we generate not only have a true-to-the-original geometric representation of the real object, but also a realistic reproduction of the surface characteristics: matt - satin - glossy.


Take a look at the comparison between digitisation technologies here:
Photogrammetry technology on the left and the PBR scanning technology used by ODG on the right.

Gloss Behaviour of Materials through PBR Scanning

In the so-called "shader comparison" you can see the effect of gloss behaviour on the visual haptic of an object. The PBR technology used by ODG reproduces the surface characteristics of your products true to the original. This is an essential component for increasing customer satisfaction and reducing return rates in e-commerce.

In the production of gaming assets, videos and animations, the degree of fidelity has a strong impact on the quality of the overall result: matt, satin and glossy surfaces enliven the reproduced object!