3D-Scanning &

Our Service: 3D Scanning & 3D Digitalsation

We offer you 3D scanning and 3D digitalisation in the highest quality possible. We digitalise products, people and spaces.
The realisation for you is very simple: You provide real objects and we create 3D models as digital twins of your objects.

If no physical sample of your product exists yet, we can still create a 3D model for you. Simply send us descriptive data of your product design. Suitable data are: construction data (CAD), technical sketches, photos, videos and layout scans to create a 3D object of your article.

In addition to 3D digitisation, we also offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions: 3D web players and augmented reality (AR) applications for integration into your web appearance, as well as rendering of images (virtual photos), videos and animations.


Our 3D models have many areas of application: Product presentation in your online shop, realistic representations in gaming environments, interactive training applications using augmented reality and customer acquisition at digital trade fairs or in digital showrooms are just a few examples.
Compared to traditional product photos, 3D presentations offer a higher information content, a higher degree of innovation, as well as a higher attractiveness - and therefore play an increasingly important role in all communication media.



Operating areas

3D-Web &
Augmented-Reality (AR)

  • Share 3D models on your website and in the e-commerce of your online shop.
  • Enhance user experience and reduce return rates by increasing the information content of your product presentations.
  • Our 3D web player can be customised to meet your needs and integration on your website is easy.
  • Product representations in B2B applications, such as spare parts and dealer catalogues, will be enhanced by the use of 3D models.

Gaming &
Virtual Reality (VR)

  • We provide you with photorealistic low-poly 3D models to enhance your video games with detailed assets.
  • Digital twins are suitable for use in real-time engines such as: Unity, Unreal and WebGL.
  • In addition to the use in gaming environments, support via VR for maintenance and virtual maintenance is possible.

2D Renderings
Images & Videos

  • Our photorealistic 3D models are compatible with all common 3D programs, such as: Blender, Cinema4d, Max, and Maya.
  • With our professional CGI rendering service you can get optional photorealistic images and videos of your objects, without having to photograph or film real image data as photography or video.